The Janes Village E-Mail Group

An e-mail group has been set up. If you choose to join this group you will receive e-mails with announcements of upcoming meetings, meeting minutes, occasional newsletters and other important information. All messages for the group will be reviewed so that we don't get junk e-mail.

Please join this group so that we can keep our duplicating costs down!

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This e-mail group is hosted by Yahoo and messages will arrive with an advertisement at the top. . . we are reminded that nothing in life is free. If you are not a Yahoo member you will need to go through their brief sign up procedure where you will be asked for some information to allow them to verify your account

RE: Your Privacy: Once you are a Yahoo member if you don't want them sending you marketing information you need to tell them not to. Here's how:
1) from the home page of the Janes Village website ( look in the upper right hand corner and click on "Account Info"
2) at the prompt re-enter your password and click "Continue"
3) About halfway down the page click on "Edit your marketing preferences"
4) under the heading "special offers" you will probably want to click on "no" for each category
5) under the heading "how may we contact you" you will probably choose to put a check in each box which says "Do not contact me via. . . ."
6) Make sure you click on "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page

That's it - We'll see you on the Internet

For more information contact Elsie Strong at: